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Contracts for all the bargaining units, with any older cbas that I can find listed below the current one for reference
Start: Feb 23, 2017
Expires: Nov 30, 2020
Start: May 6, 2018
Expires: May 7, 2022
Start: Mar 23, 2016
Expires: Nov 30, 2019
Start: Dec 1, 2017
Expires: Nov 30, 2020
Expertech Clerical
Start: Dec 4, 2018
Expires: Nov 30, 2018
2020 Executive Elections
The 2020 election cycle at local 43 is underway. The nominations closed in the October meetings, this is how everything stands going into the November election: President Shawn Cowan Vice-Pres ... READ MORE
Mon Oct 12, 2020
Alert: Smartphone privacy issue
Please find a memo below with information regarding a smart phone privacy issue. Samsung smart phones have a feature that can reveal your full name to anyone that you call, the bulletin contains the ... READ MORE
Thu Oct 1, 2020
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